Our programs

We encourage discussions focussed on student Learning Outcomes for your school's requirements. From these discussions we can design a Training and Education Program best suited to your students' needs. Our School Programs are based on a sequential year level model that have at their core our Learning Outcomes Framework that covers three main areas for learning. They include:

Potential Learning Outcomes

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Build resilience
Reinforce a positive outlook

Sense of Community

Sense of Community

Connect with others
Work as a team

Natural World

Connect with Natural World

Appreciate the natural world

Sequential Programming Model

Your students can participate in three different types of programs that range from Residential programming which is based on site at Camp Yarramundi, Introduction to Journey Based Programming that utilises both Camp Yarramundi and our Camp Deeimba site or Journey Based Programming that can combine camp Yarramundi, Camp Deeimba and the surrounding Blue Mountains National Park including Shaw's Reserve that we use as a staging point for both indigenous programming content and a paddle down the Nepean River.