Our Outdoor Education & Camping values form the foundation of our Outdoor Education & Camping community. Participants are introduced to the values at the beginning of a program and they guide the way we interact with each other during our time together on program.

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The commitment by all camp staff and campers alike to think and act in a manner that both promotes and ensures a safe environment for all people to participate in all aspects of camp life.

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Being considerate and respectful of others – Everyone belongs. Each participant is a valued member of the Outdoor Education & Camping community.

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Truthful, open and sincere in all matters – Acting with integrity and demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness.

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Treating people the way we would like to be treated - Demonstrating consideration for others, the environment and ourselves through our thoughts and actions.

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Being accountable for my behaviour, actions and obligations - Accepting responsibility for our actions and holding ourselves accountable, we each play our part to contribute to creating a positive camp community.

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Best Self

Striving to be our best selves on camp, acting with integrity and going beyond ourselves to care for others in our camp community and challenging ourselves to "have a go" at all new experiences.

Personal Growth

Learning OutcomesDescriptions
Build resilienceParticipants develop and demonstrate coping strategies to adapt to individual and group challenges.
Reinforce a positive outlookParticipants are happy in the present moment and have a sense of wonder and optimism for a positive future and interact positively with each other.
Develop new physical activity skillsParticipants experience new adventure activities and develop skills to encourage lifelong physical activity in the outdoors.
Set goalsParticipants learn to set personal and group goals and persist and strive to achieve them.
Make healthy choicesParticipants understand how healthy choices contribute to their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Develop independenceParticipants take responsibility for their own actions and wellbeing and display initiative to effectively solve problems.
Provide opportunities for leadershipParticipants experience opportunities to influence and encourage positive group behaviour, led by example.

Sense of Community

Learning OutcomesDescriptions
Be socially responsibleParticipants are inclusive and respectful of others, embrace diversity and contribute to their camp community.
Solve problems togetherParticipants respect each other's viewpoints and work together to achieve outcomes
Work as a teamParticipants work collaboratively with their peers using effective communication skills and developing trust between group members
Connect with othersParticipants develop positive relationships with others, form new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

Connect with Natural World

Learning OutcomesDescriptions
Appreciate the natural worldParticipants experience positive interaction and connection with the natural world.
Understand the natural worldParticipants are exposed to and learn about the local ecosystems and human impact on the environment, developing respect for natural world.
Protect the natural worldParticipants take responsibility to protect and further enhance the environment through their actions.