What people are saying

Alex Reeves

Absolutely loved this place as a kid, I remember going just about every school holidays and built up some lifelong friendships and memories. The activities were great the staff were friendly and honestly they were some of the best experiences of my formative years as a young adult

Angela J Saifi

My daughters had their first camp experience in January and absolutely enjoyed it. As a parent of course I was worried- having them away & especially with no communication was hard. However, the YMCA staff were very supportive and happy for me to have a chat with my children to reassure they were having a good time & were settled. When I picked my daughters up on the last day- they excitedly advised that there are 5 camps a year Mum and we want to come again! Both girls said everyday was full of fun activities & they highlighted that the food was YUM!

Daoud Amin

It's a great opportunity to teach kids leadership skills and at the same time bond with your kids and leave them with lifetime of memories. Also great place to network with other parents. Highly recommended if you haven't been here before!

Anonymous - Sensory Gym Participant

My favourite thing about camp is getting to do a bunch of fun activities and getting to know new people. I want my other friends to start coming to this camp, its very fun. I think its miraculous. All the coordinators here are interesting and wise and they all have cool stories to tell.

Lillian - Sensory Gym Participant

I love how the people around me are all supportive of me being myself and the fun you have here is incredible. I’ve made plenty of friends coming here from the ages of 7-13, who I see outside of camp too. I’ve been able to control my emotions way more than I have before since coming here and I can make friends easier. Before it was so hard.

Naomi Allen

Most of my favourite memories are made at the camp. It is a wonderful place to go. It teaches you about the values of teamwork in a way that is fun and easy. The staff are great and super friendly.

Nikkia - Sensory Gym Participant

I like the activities and getting to know all the people here. I’ve made many friends who I see outside of camp too. My favourite activity at camp is the giant swing. This camp is amazing.

Matthew - Sensory Gym Participant

I don’t think I can put my finger on one particular thing that’s changed from coming to camp, but something has and its very positive. The camp is lots of fun.